Saturday, March 28, 2009

There's a filing for a title insurance rate increase pending in PA.

I, for one, hope the PA Department of Insurance will hold public hearings on the issue. I'd sure like to testify. Here are two questions to ponder:

1. Why should PA consumers pay title underwriters an increased fee for a Closing Services Letter to cover all the defalcations when defalcations are largely caused by poor selection, training, and monitoring of agents, all of which title underwriters control, not consumers?

2. Why get rid of the TIRBOP rate discount options just because agents can't seem to follow the TIRBOP guidelines and consumers are mad enough to file class action suits when title underwriters could easily teach and test agents, then monitor compliance?

I have sat through so many continuing education training sessions in which the title underwriters allow agents to read the newspaper and talk on their phones rather then listen. The so-called trainers often get the TIRBOP material wrong. They have never had a TIRBOP manual on site to refer to and once when I asked a specific question, the trainer admitted to not having read the manual.

Why, tell me, WHY should consumers in PA pay higher rates for title insurance and reward this abrogation of responsibility?

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Anonymous said...

My understanding of the proposed rate change is that it will generally be "revenue neutral".

I do however, agree, that the rate manual is clear cut and shame on agents for choosing not to follow it or educate and train their staff to do the same.