Wednesday, March 04, 2009

just thought I'd post that there's a whole lot of normalcy going on

Most mortgage lenders have lots of money to lend and rates are fabulous.
Most homeowners are not in foreclosure and are making their mortgage payments on time.
Most of the lack of business is due to normal fear mongering by the media, BUT

...surprise, surprise, life goes on and we the people eventually just go about our business living life and in the process the recovery is happening with or without the government and the media.


Ken Muller said...


I am relatively new to the title business. I am trying to help a friend grow their business by contacting title companies that have lost their underwriter. Does any one know of a website that lists the underwriters that have failed? Are there websites that list out the title companies that were underwritten by them. Any information is greatly appreciated. The company I work for is located in Minnesota. Thanks in advance.

Ken Muller

Diane Cipa said...

Ken: I don't know of a web site like that. I'm not certain the insurance regulators would make that kind of information available either, if they have it. However, that's where I would start, with state regulators.