Friday, October 30, 2015

Yikes....first TRID closing scheduled

So, how are ya? Feeling like the title world is about to change?  Yea. I hear ya.  Me, too.

Okay, so we have a bunch of TRID transactions in process.  We like to use colors in our office so TRID transactions are in green file folders.  Everything else is in our usual blue.

FYI - We use these colors because the are CALMING colors and every title insurance office needs as many calming influences as we can get, right?

Well, one of these little greenies made its way to "clear to close" status today and here's what happened.

The loan officer said the consumer's expectations were to close on November 6th.  I checked with the lender's closing department and they have a straight "need 10 days notice to schedule" plan in place for TRID closings.  I don't disagree.  I think that's smart so I called everyone and explained the reality of TRID and they said okay to the new date.  PHEW!  Step one okay.

I'll report back as we move through the process.

Keep calm and carry on!