Friday, May 16, 2008

query: order title what does that mean

Hmmm, good question. When you order title, you are giving basic transaction information to a title agent and asking them to complete a title examination and issue a title insurance commitment. It's possible that you won't be placing the order directly. Your real estate agent or your mortgage lender may be ordering title on your behalf. Be careful and make sure you have shopped for the services as cost and quality differ.

Realize that the title agent is performing valuable services and even if the transaction does not close, you will be billed for services rendered. It won't be for the entire title insurance premium, but rather the costs of title search, examination and perhaps lien letters/tax certifications.

If you are applying for a mortgage loan, it's like the appraisal. The mortgage lender will not approve the mortgage without having a professional appraisal and a professional title examination in the form of a title insurance commitment.

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