Friday, February 13, 2009

I think it's fair to say PA notary laws need work.

Our investigation also demonstrated that the lack of requirements and laws governing Notaries Public, and the ease with which Notaries, and ring leaders, Carlos Quiles, Ivan Delgado, and accomplices and co-conspirators, Lenora Irene Jackson (Evans) and Rebecca A. Robinson had in committing these crimes because no one seriously enforces State laws requiring the person who sells a property to appear in person before the Notary Public. Moreover, State Law does not mandate that the Notary keep a thumbprint or photo identification presented to them with the paperwork they are required to keep should an investigation be commenced. This allows the Notary “not to remember” the person who appeared before them due to the heavy volume of people needing a Notary’s services. In this case, some of the Notaries didn’t keep required logs, and, of course, didn’t care if the signatures were known forgeries. Read more....

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