Tuesday, May 05, 2009

tax claim bureau certificate was wrong

We recently had a title insurance claim, now resolved, over delinquent property taxes. Our insured owner had received notice of delinquent property taxes and contacted our office for help. I checked the file and found that we had a clear tax claim bureau certificate.

I immediately did three things. I sent letters to the seller and the tax claim bureau, then opened a claim with the title underwriter.

Response from tax claim - not sure what happened but taxes are owing, pay up!

Response from seller - knew the taxes were owing and mistakenly thought they had been paid during closing. Doesn't have the money anymore but will try to send some in a few months.

Response from title underwriter - contacted the director of the tax claim bureau and successfully made the case that the tax claim bureau system must be reliable. Tax claim researched the matter and found that it had been a software malfunction. The director of tax claim got the software company to pay the tax.

YEAH! Good job, title underwriter [Old Republic] and director Samuel Runco of Cambria County. Nicely done.

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