Friday, September 25, 2009

So many interesting cases

...have crossed my desk lately that I should be blogging about but the good news is that we've been really busy and each time I think I should stop and post, I think about that next consumer waiting for their title work. So with that in mind I'm going to toss up these few notes without expanding into a larger post. Forgive me. ;)

  • When building a new house or addition to an existing dwelling, hire a surveyor to come out, locate and mark the placement of the foundation BEFORE the builder breaks ground. One of our recent insured consumers had her property surveyed prior to the start of construction on a major addition. She failed to have the surveyor mark a location for the foundation. She allowed the builder to mark off and measure. Result? The addition is two inches over the lot line and the neighbor - who warned her she was close or over the line when he saw the construction - will not give an easement for less than a few thousand dollars.

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