Friday, May 21, 2010

hey, Linda...this post is for you!

All title agents reading this post raise your hand if you are constantly asking yourself "Why is everybody trying to get into my pocket?"

The answer is that everybody thinks you do nothing for a living except enjoy a straight main line into pure cashola.  Everybody who is in a position to refer business to you thinks they deserve some of that easy money.

Why does everybody think you do nothing?  They think that because you give away our work product for free ALL THE TIME.

They think YOU do nothing because there are a bunch of no nothings with licenses acting as title agents who are completely supported by their underwriters and who DO NOTHING and charge consumers as much or more than you.

How do we get people out of our pockets?

Support regulators who want to raise the bar for licensure because apparently we cannot depend upon underwriters to keep a clean house.

Put pressure on your trade groups to champion payment for services rendered.

Until we as an industry step up and get serious about the vital work we perform, we will be seen as expendable.

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Goldie's Real Estate News said...

Kudos to you, Diane! You are absolutely correct. It is imperative that we get out to all of the events our underwriters "underwrite," (no pun intended) and speak up. They are willing to stand up for us with state legislatures, but they need to know we are behind them. We have to move away from our comfort zones and let our voices be heard. Shari Lee Beynon, LTA, Florida