Thursday, June 24, 2010

gee, Charles, you didn't look very hard...we've been out here talking with consumers for YEARS

"We decided that the only fair option is to let the consumer select a title company they can trust, rather than leave that decision to the financial institution" says Charles Marino, CEO of Pennsylvania Title Company. "We don't know of any other title companies who are reaching out to the end user like this, and we feel it will be a positive direction in which to take our company" says Marino.

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I'm always happy to see a title insurer reaching out to consumers.  Shopping?  Check out their web site, then check out ours.  We have the Choose and Save Program which is the most affordable way to get title insurance and settlement services in PA, at least as far as I can find.  We close 8 to 8 Monday thru Friday and 10 to 5 on Saturday - no charge for after hours closings, just to make it convenient for YOU, the consumer.  If you opt into Choose and Save, we come to YOU for free.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, as licensed title agents in Pennsylvania, I thought we were prohibited from using the words "Title Insurance" in our name. Further, I wonder if Mr. Marino placed title orders on behalf of his borrowers while at CIT.....