Wednesday, June 02, 2010

query: falsifying Schedule A of the title insurance commitment

You have me really curious.  The only section of Schedule A that might cause harm if falsified is the title vesting area.  I can't think of any other item on Schedule A that would service a fraud.  The title vesting area is where the proposed insured buyer or lender learns who owns the property now.  Unless someone forges the title insurer's signature on Schedule A, you'd have to have a thief and a liar with a title insurance license.

If you are a title insurance agent and someone is suggesting that you falsify Schedule A, tell them NO and walk away from their transaction.  Anyone who would suggest that you commit a crime is not someone with whom to transact business.  They are trouble with a capital T.  They will use you and abuse you and everyone else in the transaction.  Frauds are not nice people even if they seem charming.

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