Friday, March 25, 2011

almost forgot to share this closing adventure

We've all got crazy closing stories, right?  Well, the other night we had an in office closing set for 5pm.  Folks started arriving a few minutes early just as our severe weather warning siren started blowing.  As the buyers walked in they got a call from a friend who was at the Walmart about 8 miles away.  They had been instructed to get on the floor and away from the windows.  A tornado was on the way.

Here's a picture shared by a reader.  That's Route 30.

Anyway, the storm was on the way, so everybody went to the basement.  Three of us stood in the bathroom while Tracey closed the transaction on a folding table.  The storm passed over high enough that we didn't suffer wind damage in our town.  Hempfield Township wasn't as lucky.

We were pelted with HUGE hail and everyone's cars are dented all over.  Here's one of the big ones Wendy picked up by the high school.

We can live with that, eh?  ;)

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