Friday, June 10, 2011

There hasn't been too much to talk about in title lately.

Or maybe I'm just not feeling compelled to post.  Hmmm....what is an interesting case?

Well, here's an interesting situation.  It's not new but it's always good to do a repeat.

We have a terrific program called Choose and Save.  We're closing a transaction today in which the consumer found us and our program while shopping on the web.  He was  tough shopper and checked with  numerous title agencies.  Once he decided to use our services he had a heck of a time getting his real estate company and mortgage company to permit it.

This real estate company has a affiliated mortgage company and title insurance agency and though the law prohibits their requiring use, they make it seem like the consumer MUST use their companies.  They even slip in an exclusive use approval paper under the consumer's pen before the consumer even is aware or cognizant that they have a choice.

So,  our kudos go out to our brave and persistent consumer who not only will save himself two or three hundred dollars but is also saving his SELLER money, too.

We got a nice referral from him yesterday for a co-worker who is also doing some shopping around and standing up to the same real estate company pressure.  CONSUMERS HAVE CONTROL.  USE IT!!! 

I have to say that when I have an opportunity to chat with a shopping consumer who is web savvy they always opt into Choose and Save.  It's a great deal and the best way to buy title insurance in Pennsylvania.

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Gareth said...

It's Funny how Affiliated Title companies make statements like, "Use us and your title insurance will be paid for", but when comparing fees, The independent is still less overall.