Tuesday, January 17, 2012

query: error on the HUD-1 fraud

Hmmm....  This isn't real clear but since you mention fraud, first consider if you have suffered a loss as a result of the fraud.  If so, you may have a claim against your title insurer.

If your concern is making things right and perhaps just reporting a bad guy, do a certified letter to the title insurance company with copies to the state insurance regulator, the state attorney general and the FBI.  If the fraud was perpetrated by a mortgage lender representative you can also copy the state mortgage license regulator, perhaps the department of banking.  If the fraud was perpetrated by a real estate agent you can also copy the state real estate license regulator and perhaps the state real estate commission.

Fraud in a real estate transaction was a central part of the credit crisis which caused the collapse of the market. Regulators and law enforcement are taking it very seriously.

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