Wednesday, October 10, 2007

RESPRO data is a rotten potato in the GAO stew

"The GAO's cite of the RESPRO study is causing immeasurable damage to our industry and real estate consumers. Little could the GAO have known that this one small cite in the GAO Report would be embraced as the GAO's stamp of approval of One Stop Shopping across the Nation.
Here's the GAO study. See footnote 25 on page 35:
The State of Washington is only the latest to fall prey to the GAO's reliance on the RESPRO study for the propositions that One Stop Shopping benefit consumers and don't cost more. Every state that has recently investigated ABA's has cited the GAO report for the same conclusions.
I ask you to please write Patrick Ward at the GAO ( ) to encourage him to make a very public retraction of the GAO's reliance upon the RESPRO study because of the tainted data. If you know anyone else that can help, it is my belief that this small request, if complied with, could change everything.
We want one thing from Mr. Ward as there is only one thing he can give us. We want a retraction of any cites and reliance upon the RESPRO study. We want him to publicly state that it was an error to rely on that study as it was based upon an unreliable source of evidence. That the following statements in the GAO are hereby retracted... And we want him to get this information into the hands of the regulators and legislators who are now heavily relying upon the GAP study. Please only focus on that issue.
Please do not use this forum to discuss the problems with One Stop Shopping. The GAO only provides reports to Congress and they are not concerned and can do nothing about the actual issues. Their report is in error and that's what needs to be addressed."

by Doug Miller

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