Monday, November 05, 2007

safety net in play today to protect an elderly customer

I received an odd phone call at the end of the day today. The Derry Township municipal authority called me because they had in hand a request for a lien letter for a customer they knew to be an elderly lady. They called because a young woman had come into their office today with the elderly lady's credit card. The young woman wanted to use the card to pay for her own utility bill, NOT the elderly lady's bill.

To the credit of the municipal authority's manager, they refused to take it for payment and called our office. I explained that I couldn't release any information from our files but they asked if we could make a call to family or to the lady's attorney - anyone who is looking out for her interest.

We reviewed the file and noted that the transaction we have in process is a FHA reverse mortgage. We know the loan officer and have great respect for him so we called to ask about the persons who have power of attorney. He shared that the persons who have power of attorney appear to be trustworthy relatives and noted that the elderly lady has in home nursing care. He suggested we call the family which we did.

The lady's relative was very thankful as she suspected something was amiss. She looked into it and confirmed that the young lady who was watching over the elderly lady today had convinced her to "help" and had actually taken the credit card for her own use.

I am amazed and thankful to the Derry Township municipal authority for NOT ignoring the matter and I am happy that we were able to assist in protecting this nice lady.

How about that????

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