Tuesday, July 15, 2008

query: deed correction by title company/title company made mistake but buyer refuse to

If there is a mistake and you have a buyer who is refusing to cooperate, here are a few tactics that can be employed.

If we make a mistake - and everyone does, being human - we try to make the solution as easy as possible. That means that we will send one of our closers to the consumer's home or some other convenient place to have the corrected document signed. If a party refuses to sign a corrective document and won't meet with our closer, I'll send a friendly but explicit letter outlining the harm being caused to whomever and whatever legal forms and affidavits the buyer signed at closing in which they agreed to cooperate. These two methods have always worked for me and I haven't ever had to go further.

I know one law firm whose back office was run by a women who used a small sum of money as a lure. If she had a party who was probably not going to cooperate, she's call them and say she found an error and they were owed $5 or $10 and that they had to come into the office to pick up the check and sign for it. She's make certain that they signed the corrective document as part of releasing the check. She always refused to mail the check because they had to sign for it. She insisted that it always worked even though the sum wasn't large. Maybe with gas prices you'd have to make it $20 today.

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