Sunday, January 02, 2011

Good morning and happy new year!!

We've had a good year and moving into 2011 are hopeful for another.

Much of what was good during 2010 I think is the result of the 2010 RESPA rules.  We experienced a tremendous change in the way lenders prepare for closings and also in the quality of consumer disclosure.

Gone are the days of tears and anger when consumers get their final figure of cash needed to close.  In 2010 the most comment reaction was "Is that all?, I thought it would be higher."  Imagine that!

We only had one instance in 2010 in which a lender wanted us to cross a line we wouldn't cross- ONE!  That's terrific.  We have a renewed sense of team playing and there has been a restoration of quality.  The bad guys stick out against a renewed culture of honesty.

While there still exists in some sectors a desire to go back on the pathway to faster cheaper automation, in the meantime I enjoy the pause during which we can give our consumers good old fashioned quality of service and product.  For now, we survive and prosper and our consumers have a safe haven.

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