Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wendy finds the darndest things.

Wendy's job is a critical part of our title examination process.  She receives the raw search reports from our abstractors.  She combs documents and notes just to be sure the abstractor didn't miss exceptions in their report.  She plots the metes and bounds description to see if it closes and looks anything like the map provided by the abstractor then she types our legal description.

I review Wendy's work and make some changes, then I create the title commitment along with notes to our closing coordination staff so they know what, if any, issues must be resolved before we close.

Wendy and I work together in the same office.  [Yes, when we had a larger staff and my job was almost all training and management, I stayed up on the top floor spinning plates, but now that there's only ten of us and we have a wonderfully trained staff, I don't need to spin the plates.  We all spin them together.]  Anyway, when I hear Wendy chuckling I know she has found something interesting.

Her favorite - what were they thinking? - kinda find are typos that stay in the chain.  Know what I mean?  Someone makes a mistake and all the other law offices and title agencies who continue to convey the property all type the same mistake without ever noticing.

Sometimes they glare out and you can't imagine why no one ever thought to ask why.  Like today's find.  Inexplicitly sitting in the middle of a sentence was the numeral 10.  Huh?  Wendy checked back a few deeds and found that once upon a time that odd numeral 10 was really the word is

Sometimes it's a missing course or two or three and since most offices don't plot, they never notice the missing piece.

So, I share this with you, dear reader.  If you are responsible for the conveyance of real property, you may want to review your process and include eyes on and brain engaged review of the legal description because you don't want the next person reviewing the chain chuckling in your general direction, eh? It could be Wendy.  ;)

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