Sunday, July 10, 2011

being nostalgic today about Radical Title Talk

Radical Title Talk was born in anger. Every post was passionate and most people reading and commenting did so with passion. That takes a tremendous amount of energy. I am not a personal who walks in anger. I get angry, I deal with the issue and be done with it. I love to laugh and be a goof and have fun. Once Radical found its voice and its mission, I had to commit and follow it through which meant writing every day in a voice defining the argument against corruption. You have to understand that Radical was never meant to be a sales generating blog. It was a declaration of independence and the beginning of a war that only title insurance people can really understand. I carried the mantle until I felt that I had said everything that could possibly be said on all the various subjects. The stats showed me the readership and I knew Radical had been a bully pulpit the likes of which I had never envisioned. Once I felt the entire of what needed saying was said, I figured I could leave it up there for folks to use. They could continue to comment if they wanted but I felt that I need to walk away. So I said thank you, posted Desiderata and let it go.
I think that was in May of 2007. In July I started to notice odd transformation in what was then the subprime crisis. It seemed to me that it was leaking into prime lending and I just couldn’t trust that the “powers that be” would recognize that. I know that might sound egotistical but I never assume that people will see something. If my warning is redundant that’s okay but at least I did my part.
I knew there might still be some readership out there with feeds who would pick up posts so I shared my concerns. The Coalition Petition [a third and temporary blog] was followed by some federal folks because the petition had been directed to those offices. I started with a post or two on Coalition but decided almost immediately to start posting on Radical just to make certain someone who could help might see the message. The mortgage credit crisis then became the second life cycle for Radical. It regained its readership two-fold and then got caught in a sort of negative energy and I decided I really just need to get out so I deleted the entire blog, completely with no back up. [You can still find old Radical posts in search engines if you look for cached posts.]
I talked about it on Lenderama [blew my blog brains out] and the feedback I got was a great help. I kept Radical dead for a week then decided to put in into a virtual beauty sleep mode. Radical woke up as a sort of personal business space for me. I can still talk about hard issues but I don’t feel compelled to be at war. I am purposefully keeping it casual. I like it. I’ve lost some readership but that’s A-OK with me. In the meantime the readership of Title Insurance Talk has grown and I’ve been able to focus on the day to day business of selling title insurance.

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