Monday, April 23, 2012

The HUD-1 was different!

Hi Diane,

I found your blog while looking for an answer to a question about my own closing that took place in NJ two weeks ago.

I was given a copy of all the documents, including HUD-1, by the lender's attorney just before we began signing. Later on, I was reviewing the documents and I could not match the numbers. I contacted the attorney for the seller and obtained a photocopy of the signed HUD-1. The numbers on that signed form matched against the check that I wrote. But sure enough, the numbers were different from the copy of the HUD-1 that I received at the closing.

I am not alleging, nor suspecting any wrongdoing, but I would like to know what happened so I could get comfortable with the numbers. If there were at least two different HUD-1 forms, then I want to be sure the correct form was used. The difference is substantial, around $4,000.

Can you offer any advice, what should I do in this case?


Hi, A:

It is not uncommon for a HUD-1 to change before and during closing.  Sometimes there are last minute changes, however, every party should walk out of the closing with a fully executed final version.

It's possible that the attorney had clerical help making the copies and that person inadvertently included one of the earlier drafts.  

If you are curious, you could pursue an explanation, but since the one you signed matches up then I have to presume it was the one reviewed at the table and the final version.

Hope this helps.  ;)


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