Wednesday, July 18, 2012

query: tirbop rule regarding unlicensed person using a licensed person's signature

I confess.  This query has me fascinated.  An unlicensed person is using a licensed person's signature?

TIRBOP rules don't cover this.  They are a rating bureau and cover pricing for the title insurance and related services.

This is licensing matter and you probably want to chat with the PA Department of Insurance.

You should also chat with the title underwriter with whom the licensee has their agency.

It is unlikely that the state or the underwriter would be happy about an unlicensed party signing the name of the licensee.  The whole idea of licensure is that a fully trained, tested, and responsibly vetted person is serving the consumer.  A licensee may certainly have staff who assist in this endeavor but no one would want unlicensed staff to act in their place.

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