Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Do your closers carefully review the owner/seller affidavit when it is being signed?

This case, see attached link, which I found through the wonderful tool of Lexology - thank you Christopher Smarts, made me think about the importance of this affidavit review.

I wondered as I read the case whether Speisman read the affidavit and intentionally withheld the construction status from the title agent or did he do what many may do and that is to simply sign where indicated thus committing fraud without knowing he had done so.

I realize that from the title insurance company point of view, it doesn't really matter because he signed the affidavit and has a responsibility to read before signing. I do wonder, though, if the closer had looked him in the eyes and read the mechanics lien language, if the borrower would have told the closer about the construction. I think there is a good chance that he may have. It is hard to lie when someone is looking into your eyes and challenging you on a specific point.

We train our closers to look directly into the eyes of a consumer during certain points in the affidavit with the hope that doing so will make them reveal a problem if one exists.

In the case of Speisman, had he spilled the beans, the closing would have been cancelled and perhaps the loan officer might have been angry, but the title insurer would have been protected and in the long haul the borrower would have been protected from himself.

What do YOU think?

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