Saturday, August 03, 2013

important case in Washington on title company responsibility for agents

The Washington Supreme Court sided with the state insurance regulators Thursday in a case involving a Kitsap County insurance agency, Land Title Co., that was a contracted agent for Chicago Title. The court said in a 6-to-2 decision that Chicago Title was liable for the illegal actions by its agent, which had given out inducements including Seattle Seahawks playoff tickets in its efforts to secure business referrals.
Insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler’s office says the illegal wining and dining of real estate agencies, builders and mortgage lenders was meant to steer title-insurance business to the firm.
The court’s ruling, authored by Justice Charles Wiggins, is here 
Kreidler put out a news release on the ruling, calling it was a “big win for consumers."
“Chicago Title’s arguments were contrary to a century of insurance law,” Kreidler said in his news release. “In order to effectively regulate insurers and protect consumers, it’s important to hold insurers responsible for the actions of their agents.”

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