Monday, December 02, 2013

and now for something completely different... ;)

My friend, Joe Stierheim, is a good storyteller. His novels are easy to read, relaxing page turners with a positive spin. Joe always makes me think. These types of stories are hard to come by with all the focus on killing and guns in entertainment. This novel is the back story of a mountain man. I met this character in another novel by Joe and he was so interesting that he decided to explore what it was that made the man.

You might enjoy this book or one of Joe's other novels which are available on

The mysterious Mountain Man is seen by three men on a photographing trip in the Cascade Mountains. News articles appear in local newspapers and then are repeated in national papers and on TV. The legend of the Mountain Man of the Cascades is resurrected. Is he real or is he fiction, only a myth? At the end of his expedition to the remote sections of the Cascades, only Jeff Baker, nature photographer, knows. And he is not telling—for very good reasons.

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