Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nisha wonders if a post closing request for proration of HOA fees is out of line.

Hi Diane,

I came across your blog while finding any answer for my recent issue.

I closed on my home on Jun 24, 2013 as buyer. 

As per the listing agent of the seller, she told us that seller has paid HOA due in advance for 2013 and we don't need to pay for this year. This was our verbal understanding.

Same reflected in HUD statement. 

But now almost after 5-6 months, we got an email from seller asking for us to prorate this amount. Can you please advise us. They are saying that they did not notice this during closing. They are also saying that they will go to lower court if we did not pay.

Thanks & regards,


Hi, Nisha:  It is customary to prorate the HOA fee but not required.  Take a look at your sales contract.  Typically the contract will include language in which the parties agree to prorate taxes and items such as the HOA fee.  

This is one of those unfortunate situations in which everyone would have preferred it to be done correctly at closing but the error isn't discovered until later.  If you are unable to pay the seller the prorated amount, offer to make payments.  Most courts would see this as an act of good faith especially if the title agent failed to do an agreed proration at closing.

If you truly believe you should not have to pay the proration, ask the seller to show you where in the sales contract a proration agreement was outlined.

Thanks for checking in.  Good luck and Happy New Year!


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