Saturday, April 14, 2007

query: insurance I want a human being

I hear ya.

Our last phone system upgrade included an auto-attendant. We were real excited because now customers could more efficiently get to individuals by using extension numbers. Bypassing a chatty, though really nice, receptionist seemed like a good idea.

We included an option for new customers to get a human and so we thought we had our bases covered.

After some time, I noticed the level of frustration in the voices of customers. This was especially due to our having THREE DIANES in the office. YOI!

Finally, I threw in the towel and turned the auto-attendant off during the business day. Almost everyone appreciated the move.

We have e-mail for those who want to be super efficient and not chat. For everybody else, we have real live human beings answering the phone, including me. Guess what? I like it.

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