Saturday, April 14, 2007

TIRBOP Polices and Rates, continued


When title insurance has been issued to an operative builder and within 10 years of the issuance of the title insurance policy, the operative builder sells completed units out of the subdivision, planned unit development, cooperative or condominium, the Charge shall be 90% of the reissue rate. Evidence of previous insurance in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.8 of this Manual must be considered in order to apply this Charge. Insurer shall comply with the written notice provisions of Section 2.9.

For the purpose of this Section, an "operative builder" shall mean one who assembles and sells:

(a) group of at least five units on a single tract or series of contiguous tracts;
(b) or a group of at least five units developed pursuant to the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act or pursuant to a cooperative regime.

The provisions of this Section are not applicable to the Approved Attorney Procedure.

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