Tuesday, July 24, 2007

query: how can I check to make sure my title policy has not been altered

Once issued, a title policy coverage cannot be altered unless you request a change. Keep the original policy in a safe place. If you are attempting to make a claim and you believe the title company has altered the policy, contact your state insurance department.

This raises the issue of reviewing the title commitment prior to closing. If you have not taken the time to review the title commitment before you close, you really have no idea what the policy will contain. So, a prudent consumer will review the title commitment prior to the closing and then review the policy upon receipt after closing. Make sure there have been no changes that you have not already agreed to.

Any title agent or company who is unwilling to provide a copy of the title commitment prior to closing should not be trusted. You are purchasing title insurance and have every right to review the proposed coverage before you make the purchase.

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