Tuesday, July 03, 2007

query: how to deal with mortgagors that overcharge for escrow accounts

Hmmm, I presume you mean mortgagees? LOL Everyone has problems with mortgagors vs. mortgagees. The mortgage lender is the mortgagee.

OK, I have two suggestions for consumers who are not getting reasonable responses from mortgage servicing departments.

First, find out the official mailing address for servicing related issues. This address is like a golden key to unlock access to management intervention in a problem. This is a very special address. It's likely not the address you use for payments and it may not be the address on the mortgage or note. Call customer service and ask for the official mortgage servicing address set aside specifically for consumer written correspondence. Federal regulations require each mortgage servicer to set aside one official address for this purpose.

Once you have the address, mail a letter using registered or certified mail. It has to be snail mail, not phone calls, faxes or e-mail. Make sure you clearly spell out your problem and make sure you include your account number and a way for the mortgage lender to contact you.

Each mortgage lender has a clerk whose job it is to log mail received at this address. This person must track the length of time it takes the mortgage lender to respond to your problem. This method is the tool given to consumers by the federal government to cut through voice mail hell and corporate BS. It truly is the golden key to customer service in a mortgage servicing transaction.

Wait at least two weeks, then if that method doesn't get a response, contact your congressman - federal. Tell their office that you used the federally mandated method and got no acceptable response. They should intercede on your behalf or at least offer some assistance.

You may also get some help from your state banking department. They license mortgage lenders doing business in your state.

Bottom line, try the golden key, first. It usually works.

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