Saturday, March 01, 2008

do do do do de dum de do.....

Just whistling and hoping Radical Readers don't notice that I'm over here answering Apella's meme tag when I said I SHOULD be finishing my writing assignments. I am rationalizing this because Apella's tag has been put off this week, too, due to end of the month volume and so, let me get this out there for FUN and ENJOYMENT, then back to work. Okay?

Apella, my friend, this is HARD! things, interesting details about myself.....

  1. My mom is Jewish. My dad was German and his family liked Hitler. I grew up in a loving livingroom listening to relatives arguing all sides of those issues. I think my cells still argue with each other.
  2. I smoke Backwoods cigars and read by the woods every evening, weather permitting.
  3. I have an office kitty and a home kitty. Office kitty is TCStorm and home kitty is Cloe. Office kitty sneezes little kitty boogers on the windows and sheds hair everywhere but I love her and clean without regret.
  4. As a teenager, I was abducted at knifepoint and taken to a remote cabin where I avoided harm and rape by using advice I read in Cosmo.
  5. I believe in reincarnation.
  6. I miss horses.
  7. I'm attracted to the color orange.
Now to tag 7 people who have Active Rain blogs and outside blogs and who haven't already been tagged? Jeez.....I have no way of knowing who has been tagged. I'm not good at this stuff, but I'll give it a shot.

Ed Rybczynski Title-opoly
Dave Wirsching Clearing Title
Alex Yvonnou Detroit Notary
Todd Carpenter Lenderama
Mark Pilatowski
Frank Llosa
Rhonda Porter The Mortgage Porter

Hope they don't kill me or anything. heh heh.....all in good fun. ;)


Art Oswald said...

I wasn't familiar with Backwoods cigars so i googled them. this is what I found:

A pack of cigars (normaly comes in pack of 5) various flavours available (banana, wild rum, all natural, honey, honey berry, original) They cost about the same as a pack of cigaretts but you only get 5. Backwoods are great to roll weed / marijuana in. The shell of the cigar comes off easy, just find the seam and unroll it. Dump out the tobacco, and rool up the weed. lick to stick, and smoke. much like a philly blunt but much much better. You only need the Backwoods cigar shell NOT the tabacco inside it. They are considered better than Philly Blunts for many reasons. The best part is that the Backwoods cigar shell is an actual tobacco leaf UNLIKE Philly Blunts.

Diane Cipa said...

Hi, Art. That's Backwoods. I don't smoke the flavored varieties, just regular tobacco.

I've never been a cigarette smoker. I started smoking cigars after my husband and I light up two HUGE stogies he had bought for a joke. I loved it and have been smoking cigars ever since.

One day, in a pinch, I picked up a pack of Backwoods and found they were pretty darn good. The size is right for me, I can find them almost anywhere, and they are real tobacco, handrolled.

There's something rustic about them and they're just the right thing for hanging out by the woods.

If you decide to try a pack, go for the dark brown wrapper. That's the plain style. Squeeze it to make sure it's fresh. If it feels like sticks or dry. don't buy it. They're only good when they are fresh and too many stores will keep them on the shelves WAY past their prime.