Thursday, March 20, 2008

talk about a wacky easement

I've been trying to get a copy of an access easement for a couple of days. It's for property in Somerset County and the document is too old to show up in their on-line system. All deeds in our abstract refer back to a 1951 deed as describing the actual easement but when we received that deed it only referred to yet another document.

So, this morning I walked into the office and was handed the easement for review. I hadn't had my coffee yet because of the bear fiasco, and I was just trying to get my mentals arms around my morning when I noticed the heading - AVIGATION EASEMENT. What the hey?

I read the document and thought CRYING OUT LOUD, this is an easement for air transport OVER the land specifically for removal of trees. Dear heavens, every deed since 1951 has cited this easement as the right of way to and from the public roadway......and then I brewed my coffee.

Yoi.......double yoi.

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