Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DW checked in with this warning...

Hi Di!

Hope all is going well with you. Glad to see on Title Insurance Talk you are busy!! That's a good thing!

I had to share this with you because of the impact this could have on the unknowing consumer.

Sam and I got the attached letter in the mail today. (Feel free to post it if you want.) It is from a company called National Deed Service, Inc. They are letting you know that they will provide a certified copy of your deed to you for the bargain price of only.......$59.95!!!!! I was speechless when I read that!!! Westmoreland County charges $5.00 for a certified copy and $1.50 per page for handling. You could get the same thing for only $9.00!!! This is crazy! I wonder how many unknowing consumers would fall for this???

I tried to call the phone number to give them a piece of my mind.....just a recording, there is no real person to talk to. When you research it on the Internet, there are lots of posts about the company being a rip-off. I think I even saw a BBB violation of some sort.

I know alot of folks have come to read Title Insurance Talk, and I thought I might give you a little something to write about! I feel sorry for the poor customer who doesn't know any better.

Well, that's it for now. Tell everyone I said "hi!"

Di :-)

Thanks, Di. This is a scheme that is being played out all over the country. Homebuyers should beware. First of all, you are going to get your original deed from the title agent anyway so don't fall for the scam.

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Wine Dog said...

Oh, I got one of those and they sent one to my Mom too. OMG I went through the roof. She says

"Should I do this?"

Mom, the county sends you back your original and in the event you might need one and not have it, a title company will pull it for you as a free service.

"Then why would I pay them $59.95?"

I don't know, why would you?