Friday, September 26, 2008

That video is interesting but I'm not sure I buy that

the Community Reinvestment Act is the culprit. Most of the paper written - bought and sold - in sub-prime and Alt-A was NOT originated under a CRA program.

I don't claim to be a brainiac, rocket scientist or economist. I'm a street level, street trained mortgage lender and title agent. I lived through what happened at street level and had sufficient exposure to the inner workings of wholesale lending and secondary market operations to get a feel for how it should work and where it went wrong.

I just don't buy into blaming one political party over another because each administration we lived through added their own twang to the song and frankly any sanity in the mortgage industry or securities industry could have ignored politics and held firm to quality in due diligence. That's the job of underwriters and management, not politicians.

As for the Paulson Plan, I can only say this. How we got here isn't as important to me as not dying while we fight out who to blame and stupid politics. We can worry about that stuff once our damaged ship at sea in a hurricane makes land. For now, I'm listening to three people - Paulson, Bernanke and Bair. Why? Because over the last year I have watched them and they have not disappointed me with their critical decision making as they have attempted to bring us home and out of harms way.

I trust that they know the monetary system and have a gut instinct for how all this is moving without perhaps being able to verbalize it. I trust that their intuition senses danger and that they have a very hard time dealing with politicians who don't understand and have to act like they do.

This is not a time for pure democracy. This is not a time for populist decision making. This is a time for leadership and hard resolve and fast action to save our economy from severe damage.

I trust the warnings. I'm willing to trust the plan. Call me an idiot if you want to, that's okay but my guts are talking and I do like to listen to those guts even if I can't articulate their message in any way you can understand.


Anonymous said...

YES. I vote for you for Secretary of the Treasury (if I could).

Diane Cipa said...

Thanks, Anon. Glad there's at least two of us that get it. ;)