Friday, October 17, 2008

being prepared for closing

Take a moment to check your identification documents.

You'll need a CURRENT photo ID that has been issued by the state or federal government.

I have also noticed that lenders are asking for copies of social security cards.

So, take both to closing.


Anonymous said...

My particular favorite ID was the really angry (at the world) Seller whose ID was his gun carry permit.

Way to make a closer feel confident!

Diane Cipa said...

They have pictures on those in your area?

Way back when as a young mortgage loan originator my territory included some rough neighborhoods. As I sat at the real estate broker's desk taking a mortgage application, he came in a opened his desk drawer to get something. That's when I noticed different size bullets nicely organized in the paper clip slots. My applicant didn't notice and I just kept on going without skipping a beat. ;)

Anonymous said...

one time an angry buyer showed me his gun permit and asked how I liked it...I offered to show him mine!