Friday, October 24, 2008

just filed a title claim for a customer

There was a typographical error in a deed filed in 1946 which changed the lot number.  All of the deeds filed since then for this lot carried forward the mistake.

A full search in our area is 60 years.  This transaction was processed in 2005 and we ordered a full search from First Am.  They apparently only did a 59 year search.  Had they gone back for a full search, they would have pulled the prior deed in the chain, dated 1937, and discovered the error.

They will fix the problem for our customer.  They have assigned an attorney and they did so promptly when notified.  I appreciate that.

This case proves two points.  First, there is a reason why we do full searches.  We are looking fo mistakes with the job of fixing them.  Secondly, even when a search does not discover an item that is covered under title insurance, the policy will still protect you.

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