Monday, October 20, 2008

what does a possible takeover in title insurance mean for our future?

If a giant lender decides to buy a giant title insurer, then we are facing a giant bundling concept.

No doubt models are changing, they have to. Fidelity - with Cyberhomes - has decided to change the point of sale by capturing the consumer before the real estate agent has a chance to.

Looks like we might have a giant lender deciding to offer consumers one stop pricing - all services included without affiliation, but with full ownership. Does that fly in insurance circles? Probably.

My plan is still the same. I'm planning to offer boutique title services at a local level with the emphasis on quality and traditional services.

We'll see where all of this leads. Should be interesting.

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PlainJane said...

Diane~ I read this post yesterday and since have been all over the internet looking for more information regarding the "eagle" being taken over. This should really be interesting. Let us know when you have more info!