Friday, December 19, 2008

money is on sale...time to buy or refi!!!

Check out our title premium calculator for Pennsylvania rates. Use our Choose and Save program and you'll get the most affordable title insurance and settlement service available in Pennsylvania.

We are determined to give consumers the best in service and value. Here's our service area map. If you are buying or refinancing in our market, we'd sure like to give you a quote.  Don't just follow the lead of your mortgage lender or real estate agent.  If they aren't leading you to our Choose and Save program, you're not getting the best deal in Pennsylvania.  YOU have a choice. It's YOUR money.

When you choose The Closing Specialists, you get an expert title search and examination performed by experience human beings.  Does that sound like a hilarious and ridiculous pitch?      Got news for you.  There are lots of title agencies out there who have little or no experience and they order their searches by computer and let someone else do the thinking for them.  Lots of that work is outsourced to foreign countries.  Can you believe that?  It's true.

We only use experienced abstractors who work in the county where the real estate is located. We do our own title examination and we use only on-staff closers.  Our staff is experienced and we consider YOU, the consumer, our customer.  YOU pay for our services, not the mortgage lender or the real estate agent.  It's YOUR transaction.  We focus on YOU.


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