Sunday, December 28, 2008

What about title insurance and refinancing?


Get the message?

If you are in Pennsylvania and refinancing, you'll not get a better deal than our CHOOSE AND SAVE program.

Most title companies use independent notaries and you'll end up paying a signing fee or closing fee of some kind. If you are in our market area, we'll come to you at no extra charge. We close 8 to 8 Monday thru Friday and 10 to 5 on Saturday.

So, shop for title insurance and closing services. Do not just go wherever your mortgage lender wants you to go.

Here's our easy to use title insurance premium calculator. Look at those discounts for refinancing!


Title Insurance said...

Looks like you've got a nice website. I'll, refer a friend from your state.

Diane Cipa said...

Why, thank you!