Tuesday, January 05, 2010

new GFE - interesting questions out the door....

It's January 5th and already I have had THREE circumstances cross my path that make me wonder.

  1. A GFE shows the TAX SERVICE FEE and FLOOD LIFE OF LOAN FEE in the category designated for consumers to shop for services.  The "provider list" has providers for these two fees.  I know from prior transactions that this lender directs the business to their affiliated companies and hey - just how would a consumer shop for these services?
  2. Provider lists do not contain my company name, yet the title is being directed to my office by the loan officer.  Lots of consumers shop for our services and come to us directly but these transactions fit the "lender referred" MO.  I'm not trying to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I'm happy for the business but I don't want folks to get into trouble if they are directing the business and not putting our name on the list.
  3. A loan origination office manager sent word that he wants to chat with me about WHO PAYS if his staff misquotes my fees and they go out of tolerance.  Yoi.  It ain't gonna be me, baby.

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Linda Percoco said...

Get your E & O insurance in order because the attorneys are going to have a field day by next year!
There is no doubt in my mind that someone will decide they can't affored their mortgage anymore and go to a lawyer who will tear the GFE and the HUD apart and they ALWAYS go after our pocket because they know we have insurance.