Sunday, March 18, 2007

National Insurance Act

Gotta take some time here and read this.

You know, when you have an industry refusing to police itself, draconian measures are often deemed necessary.

ALTA, MBA, NAMB, NAR have proven themselves untrustworthy in their testimony before lawmakers, state and federal. Under the illusion of leadership they perform the same ole dog and pony show while their members rape and pillage the citizens of these United States.

Isn't it time lawmakers and regulators open their eyes and see that the establishment in the real estate industry doesn't give a doodooda about the consumer.

Left to their own devices these folks are all about paying fines and hoping they don't get caught. That is NOT responsible leadership.

For the greater good, let's look for new options, new ways of structuring the business of real property transfer.

The NASD has a good model. Standardize expectations and put a compliance officer into every licensed office. Create an army of people fully trained and vetted, unbeholden to those they supervise and with the power and authority to force compliance every day.

hmmmm...compliance storm troopers......I've got a great pair of boots....and a crop........

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