Monday, March 05, 2007

TIRBOP Definitions

“Insured” is the party to whom coverage is extended by the terms of the policy. “Insurer” is a title insurance company which is a member or subscriber of the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania. Unless otherwise indicated, “Insurer” includes all who are expressly authorized to act on behalf of the Insurer, including its employees and Agents.

Agent” is a person, firm, association, corporation, partnership, cooperative or joint stock company expressly authorized by written contract with an Insurer to solicit risks, collect fees, and prepare Commitments and/or title insurance policies on its behalf and certified by the Insurance Department of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (“Department”).

“Approved Attorney” is an attorney admitted to practice in Pennsylvania who because of experience and knowledge of real estate law in Pennsylvania is approved by an Insurer and upon whose examination of title and report the Insurer or Agent may issue a policy of title insurance. Such Approved Attorney must take financial responsibility for the search, examination, closing, and the final certification of title to the Insurer or Agent in a real estate transaction. Such Approved Attorney may not also act as an employee of an Insurer, an Agent, or an employee or affiliate of an Agent in a transaction in which he or she acts as an Approved Attorney.

“Commitment”, as used herein, is the agreement of an Insurer to issue its policy or policies of title insurance to a proposed Insured, as owner or mortgagee of an estate or interest in the land described therein, all subject to the provisions set forth in the Schedules and Conditions and Stipulations of said Commitment. The Commitment sets forth the requirements including payment of premium and Charges, that must be complied with prior to the issuance of the policy or policies.

“Charge(s)” used herein means “fee” as defined in Section 701 of The Insurance Company Law of 1921 and includes “premium, examination and settlement or closing fee and every other Charge” provided for in this Manual made by an Insurer, Agent or by Approved Attorney

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