Friday, June 08, 2007

big drum roll going......

Two giant landmarks are coming up on the horizon. I've been at this blogging since October and find it kind of hilarious to watch the big fat snail's pace at which my profile views and Google ads tally.

OOOOOhhhhh - Profile views are up to 900! When we hit 1000, I say we break out the champagne and the beer.

When the Google Adsense revenue - which goes up about one cent a day unless notaries are visiting - they're big ad clickers - hits $100 we'll get our first big check! YOOOO, what a money maker. We're just around $98.76 and the tension is mounting. I see a big party around the corner.

Not that we need any big excuses for a party but these seem like two HUGE events deserving some celebration.........ok back to title work. See ya!

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