Tuesday, June 19, 2007

query: broker and inspector collude to defraud buyer real estate

It's unfortunate but sometimes this kind of thing happens. A home inspector who misplaces allegiance with the Realtor rather than the REAL customer, the buyer.

Be careful who you choose, especially for a home inspection. I much prefer using a fully independent home inspector, even one the Realtors don't like.

The last time we purchased a house, my husband and I used a guy I call the "ninja" inspector. He comes dressed in black, He's real tough. He climbs up on the roof, looks into every nook and cranny and gives you the dope on everything, I mean everything! Realtors dread him and would NEVER recommend his services.

Now, when you use a tough inspector, I have to caution you to be REALISTIC. You are NOT buying a new home and you shouldn't expect perfection. Be happy that you are getting TRUTH and buying an inspection that let's you know what will need fixing.

Don't expect the seller to fix everything the inspector mentions. "Ninja" told us about ten things. We had the seller fix the septic tank and took care of the other things ourselves after closing.

Comparing that to our previous experience with a home inspector who dealt with agents regularly who gave us a big binder and very little useful information. He totally missed a broken pane of glass which I would have like corrected prior to close and he also missed numerous other issues which I wouldn't have asked the seller to deal with but bugged me that he missed them.

So, consumers are better served when they think for themselves and don't allow one person to control your whole transaction. That's too much power in one person's hands. Pick your own lender, pick your own title agent, and pick your own home inspector.

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