Thursday, August 09, 2007

the beautiful worker bees need your help

I'm talking about the beautiful worker bees in prime mortgage lending offices.

These folks aren't the predators you've read about.

These are the folks who work hard maintaining quality standards and helping consumers buy homes that they can afford.

What's the problem?

Well some folks have them all mixed up with the bad killer bees. You see, they look so much alike.

The killer bees - the folks who deserve to go out of business cause they've caused so much harm are the predators and the subprime and frankly the Alt-A pushers.

Our worker bees - the sweet honey makers - are being exterminated by folks who can't tell the difference.

PLEASE, if you are in a position of to help prime mortgage paper producers, the quality mortgage lenders, continue operation, please help.

Consumers may not understand that their ability to buy, sell or refinance real property is dependent on money flowing through to our good quality mortgage companies.

This is no longer a "subprime" issue, it's a money flow issue.

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