Thursday, September 13, 2007

Call me crazy but I like living in a small house.

We used to live in a big Victorian. We had a music room. We had an exercise room. We had a guest room. We had a crazy party room. We had lots of extra rooms we didn't need and guess what we did with all those rooms? We filled them with stuff. We needed two cleaning ladies to come regularly to keep all that stuff in all those rooms looking good.

Now we live in a small home. We have no extra rooms, we have just enough. We have no room for lots of stuff. I'm not counting the giant attic because I refuse to fill it up with stuff. I can clean this place by myself lickety split. What's to clean?

Why am I talking about this? Well, read this article.

We don't have children but the previous owner of our house had two. They would have stayed there, too, had work not moved them from the area.

My point is that downsizing is good. It's good for your pocketbook, makes for a cozy home life, and it's good for your soul.

Are you wondering what we did with all that stuff? We had a big auction. It was a hoot - like taking a life style shower - very cleansing.

Just look through some of these house plans and tell me you couldn't live there.

While we're at it, we might want to take another look at smaller TVs and cars, too. ;)

PS - We drive a minicooper AND got rid of cable TV. Life is rich.

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