Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just in case you miss this comment on Radical Title Talk,

I've got to share it here. Chris Johnson shared his favorite nightmare closing. Here it is:

My nightmare title story has all of your favorite elements: First American, a "bought in" title group, an attempt to commit title fraud via a simultaneous closing, a construction loan, 4 different liens that were not reported in the schedules, a lender shortsale (with a forclosure days away), a Realtor that would only use their title company...and a known criminal who had her appraiser's license revoked as the "marketer," for this JV title company.

Disaster was averted, but we had our own title company perform a search.

The funny thing? The listing agent has unsurprisingly been indicted in May.

Anybody else have some fun stories to share?

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