Tuesday, January 08, 2008

query: what do you do when a title company overcharges you

If the title company refuses to refund the overcharge, report them to the regulating body at the state level. This is usually the Department of Insurance. Check your state web site or call your state representative's office for help.

The regulator will probably need a copy of the HUD-1 form so have that handy.

BTW - I do wish more consumers would check their rates more carefully. You would be shocked how common overcharges are in this business.

One of the hidden overcharges is in tax certifications or lien letters. In most transactions, the title agent may only charge the actual out of pocket expenses. Some companies pad these fees. You can ask for an itemization of these charges and if you suspect an overcharge, contact the state.

Of course, the reissue rate is the most common area of concern. Many consumers are eligible for a discounted title premium but some title agents will conveniently forget to give the discount.

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