Thursday, April 01, 2010

PLTA responds to the PA Department of Insurance on the data call


Interestingly, we have paid for voluntary annual CPA audits and maintained spreadsheets for issued policies and cancelled transactions so we're able to give reasonably accurate data for everything accept the geographic breakdown.  For that, we are randomly reviewing scanned files for these years, as many as we can and will do a guesstimate based upon an extrapolation of the sampling. We're giving three man hours to this task each day.  I think that is reasonable.

Maybe it's because my staff and I mostly used to be lenders and bankers that we have fairly well organized systems of storage and access to data.  We've been through audits for the entirety of our careers, usually with little or no notice.  Funny, it never occurred to us NOT to keep track of most of what we do.

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