Wednesday, February 20, 2008

query: can I get a copy of my HUD-1 from HUD

Sorry, no. HUD designed the form but they won't have a copy of it to give to you. If you have lost your HUD-1, contact either your real estate agent, your mortgage lender or your title agent. All should have a copy and be willing to share.


Anonymous said...

Who do I contact to get a copy of the HUD-1 from the sale of my home?

Diane Cipa said...

Anon. If you used a real estate agent, they will have a copy. If not, contact whoever did the closing - either the title agent or attorney. They'll have a copy.

This raises the issue that all consumers - buyers and sellers should always make certain they have a copy of the fully signed HUD-1 when they leave closing.

Thanks for reading, Anon. ;)

Anonymous said...

How long is the agent realtor or title agent required by law to retain a copy of the HUD-1 statement?

Diane Cipa said...

Hi, Anon: I have been told by real estate brokers in PA that they are required to keep their files for 3 years.

Beyond contractual arrangements with underwriters and basic tax record rules, I am unaware of any law that dictates how long a title agent must keep a file.

This is why it is so important for consumers to guard their HUD-1 and title insurance policy.