Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Which kind of title insurance agency would YOU like to work with?

LUXURY [multi-function law firm]
  • about status
  • high/over priced
  • quality varies
  • attention to detail
  • prestigious firm or location or connection
BOUTIQUE [single function title and closing specialists]
  • about value and personal expression
  • priced fairly
  • high quality
  • attention to detail
  • local & personal
COMMODITY [national agency or part of vendor management company]
  • about technology
  • inexpensive B2B/overpriced for consumer
  • low quality mass production
  • little attention to detail
  • remote & highly automated
Beware this business model. They LOOK like a boutique because they are often small offices and local but they perform no work. Their product is contracted with COMMODITY dealers.

I guess I should wind up this post by saying that THE CLOSING SPECIALISTS
® are boutique providers - the real deal. We do the work and our pricing is the most affordable way to buy title insurance and settlement services in Pennsylvania.

If you are in the market buying or refinancing a home, check out our web site at www.chooseandsave.com.

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